Dear english friends

The CDE (Dordogne Entrepreneur Club) was created in 2005 to bring together entrepreneurs who work in this department and is open to all who would like to join.

Its main aim is to support the entrepreneurs and economy of the Dordogne.

The CDE has many objectives, for example:  to enable entrepreneurs to unite together to share the experience they have acquired and to encourage the creation and development of businesses;  to promote the exchange of information between entrepreneurs;  to offer a clearer picture of the attraction of the area to prospective investors, bringing projects and employment to the region;  to increase friendship amongst members by arranging fun activities outside of work.

The CDE is in charge of many activities, particularly the organisation of monthly meetings at the premises of either member or non-member companies, and it is represented at the monthly committee meetings of the PERIGORD INITIATIVE.

« In this period of uncertainty which we are currently experiencing, TO BE AN ENTREPRENEUR is to be a real gambler, it’s at the same time a BET and a CHALLENGE.

 A BET on the future that the entrepreneur, who sets up or takes over a business, must constantly keep in mind.

 It’s also a CHALLENGE that she/he must take up each day, using not only their own skills but also the competence of those they have involved in their project.

Our role at the Dordogne Entrepreneur Club is to be close to, and in contact with, those who are in business – from the auto-entrepreneur to the head of a big company – in order to exchange information on problems and issues in common.

The strength of our club comes from the blend of people and the exchange of ideas.

More than just a place to exchange ideas, it’s also  a way to meet in a friendly atmosphere, outside our working life, during enjoyable activities arranged around a theme. »   (Jean-Luc Delcayre, President of the CDE)


If you would like to join the Dordogne Entrepreneur Club or just meet us for a chat, don’t hesitate to contact us using the form or contact our British friend, Joanna Urwin on 06 99 07 64 28

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